I.C.I. INTERNATIONAL Tour Operator- Rateo Viaggi SrL is a “Holding Company”, established in 1972 as an “Outgoing Wholesale Tour Operator”, in co-operation with “AIR FRANCE” and “BANK OF AMERICA”, in order to offer Special Holiday Packages payable by “instalments” in Italy.

The experiment was a great success.

A) In 1975, two new important activities were created in the Company in addition to the basic “Outgoing Tour Operating”,i.e.:

1)” INCOMING TOURISM DIVISION” Coloured Brochure “ BEST ITALY: Art – Leisure – Culture”.
Under the Trade-Mark name “ I.C.I. INTERNATIONAL INCOMING CENTER”, with highly professional and experienced Staff,
and many major Partners, from all over the world, attaining excellent results in all following fields :

Traditional, Classic Tourism, for both FIT’s and GROUPS, for all ITALY + EUROPE – TUNISIA and MALTA”
Enogastronomic and Wine Tasting Tours, Choir for Concerts and Opera Tours, Special Events, Sporting Tours, Cooking Courses, etc…
Special Interest, Technical Tours, Special “Weddings” in Italy and “Honey Moon”, Stages in Italian various fields and best Productions
. Incentives , Conventions , Congresses, Business Travel and De-Luxe – VIP Services.

2) “OWN BEACH- RESORTS MANAGEMENT” 2 coloured Brochures : – “ MARE SUD “ & “ I VILLAGGI MARE I.C.I. INT.L”
Direct Management, using experienced personnel, of various own Beach Properties “Villages-Residences, Holiday Resorts” in Calabria;
Apulia, Campania, Sicily, Sardinia, with 2 “Specific, Sales Products”: “MARE SUD” + “I VILLAGGI MARE I.C.I. INTERNAT.L “

In 1980, I.C.I. INTERNATIONAL Tour Operator became “ IATA “ member, with its own airlines ticketing Office for packages/ I.T. Inclusive Tours and individuals / Groups air tickets .

In 1984, I.C.I. INTERNATIONAL Tour Operator was appointed Exclusive “General Sales Agent” of a public Regional Consortium,
“TRULLI & GROTTOES CONSORTIUM”/ APULIA, for the best tourist promotion and development of the Region.
Over the years, I.C.I. INTERNATIONAL Tour Operator was taking thousands of Tourists, from all over the world, to this special area of South Italy, for living in the famous “Trulli”, enjoying such dreaming, exclusive “stay” in “Itria Valley !..

In 1990, the Company implemented a major “Computer Program”, tailor-made for various Divisions for a “Computer Management” of all possible activities : Bookings, Tickets, Costings, Administrative Office, Beach Resorts Management and Sales, etc.

In 1994, I.C.I. INTERNATIONAL Tour Operator –DMC decided to further develop “Incentives and Conventions” Sector.
A new Division was opened for specifically promoting this important Product + Congresses : Programs handled by “Competent
Experts”, with flair and creativity, to ensure always that “ Special Result” !!!

Furthermore, I.C.I. INTERNATIONAL Tour Operators-DMC is also Member of : Leading International Associations and famous
DMC-NET WORKS, such as “ W O I – World of Incentives”, “SITE, MPI, WATA, IATA, ASTA, PATA, JATA, FIAVET, ASTOI, UFTAA –FUAV”, etc., and Partner of ENIT/ CLUB ITALIA.

B) I.C.I. INTERNATIONAL Tour Operator – DMC / ROME is currently : * a “Holding Company/ Wholesale Tour Operator”, with : * HEAD OFFICE in ROME, Via Luigi Settembrini n° 30 – 00195 ROME
(www.ici.it) – Tel. + 39 / 06 328351 * Fax + 39 /06 36000645
– E-Mail : incoming@ici.it * incentives@ici.it * Booking@ici.it

Travel Agency and IATA Ticketing Office / ROME – Via Cernaia n° 13 – 00187 ROME
Tel. + 39/064817841 Fax + 39/064817845

“WELCOME” Travel-Tour Operator/MILAN, Via Ciaia n° 3 – 20158 MILAN, E-Mail “welcome@ici.it”
Tel. + 39/0266803737 Fax + 39/0266803558

“SALES OFFICE” in OSTUNI / Apulia Rosa Marina/Ostini : Tel. +39/080350766 Fax +39/080350767

Resort Management Company “PROMOGEST”, Via L.Settembrini n° 30 / 00195 ROMA
Tel + 39/06328355 Fax + 39/0636000645 E-Mail: promogest@ici.it

Via Luigi Settembrini, 30

3000af04-44d3-4149-991a-bea316d565e5 85460

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